Acceptable Use Policy

Crunchbits' Acceptable Use Policy:

This AUP governs the use of Crunchbits' VPS, VDS, Bare Metal and GPU server rentals. Violation will result in suspension or termination of the Customer’s service. In the event of a dispute between Crunchbits and Customer regarding the interpretation of the AUP, Crunchbits' commercially reasonable interpretation of the AUP shall govern. Please contact Crunchbits should you have any questions about our AUP.

We are flexible in how our services can be used, but here is a (non-exhaustive) list of prohibited activites. If you have any questions about your specific use case, it is best to contact us first. We respect your privacy and only wish to set expectations between us appropriately.

What is Crunchbits' definition of abuse?

Any e-mail, telephone, and messaging service contacts without the consent of the recipient. Initiating or knowingly committing these activities are grounds for immediate termination of all services and a ban from any future services.

2. Illegal content and/or activities
Any content that violates the law of the local and federal authorities where that content resides will be grounds for immediate termination of all services and a ban from any future services.

3. Malicious content and/or activities
Any type of program, script, code, or file that performs a harmful action will be grounds for immediate termination of all services and a ban from any future services.

4. Resource abuses
Whether intentional or otherwise, resource abuse is defined as any action or activity that consumes sufficient system resources to cause harm or negatively affect other equipment and/or customers. Intentional abuse cases will be terminated immediately with a ban on future services. Unintentional abuse can happen and we will just suspend the offending services while contacting the owner to allow a sufficient remedy.

Crunchbits does not oversell its physical hardware, so you are allowed to fully use the resources you have paid for in your plan. This does not extend to using more than subscribed for or being a 'noisy neighbor' which is what point (4) addresses. If you have any questions ahead of time, please contact us and discuss your concerns.

What is Crunchbits' order of operations when the AUP is violated?

1a. If the violation is an immediately terminable offense as outlined above, the service will be brought offline and destroyed.
1b. If the violation is not immediately terminable and can be remedied, the service will be suspended and brought offline pending contact with the customer.
2. A Crunchbits staff member will open a support ticket to inform the customer of the abuse and outline the steps required to restore service.
3. Upon acknowledgement from the customer in the support ticket, Crunchbits will restore services and allow a 24 hours for the customer to remedy the issue and prevent further abuses.

For any questions regarding our AUP, please do not hesitate to

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