GPU Cloud and our Lease-to-Own (LTO) services have launched! 37.5% off Xeon E3 Dedicated Servers until 11/28!


Get fully dedicated resources at unbeatable prices instantly. Enjoy lightning-fast performance, unmatched stability, and extreme disk IOPS with our VDS plans. Say goodbye to noisy-neighbor issues with RAID10 SSD and RAID1 Gen4 NVMe drives. Upgrade to Crunchbits VDS platform for hassle-free migration, snapshot backups, and a modern control panel. Experience the difference now!
Enterprise HardwareAll of the hardware powering your VDS and infrastructure are from trusted enterprise brands such as Supermicro, Juniper, APC, AMD, Intel, and more.
99.99% Uptime SLAEnterprise hardware and datacenters, on-site flywheel energy storage, battery banks, chilled water-wells, generators with fueling contracts paired with a multihomed network, all allow us to offer 99.99% SLA in select facilities.
Anti-DDoSCrunchbits' VDS network is actively protected against DDoS attacks: detection, countermeasures, and automatic scrubbing for ease and peace of mind.
Multi-homed NetworkWith multiple upstreams, wave, and dark fiber circuits to ensure physical redunancy and separate physical paths on our all-fiber network from your server to the edge, we can guarantee your bandwidth and latency are top quality.
Modern Control PanelWith VirtFusion, you won't be stuck using a panel from 2012. Insanely fast provisioning, a sleek UI, VNC, subusers, SSH keys, audit logs, and more all allow for a top-notch user experience.
Local SupportWhile every service is unmanaged, the Crunchbits team is full-time, on-site, and knowledgeable for any issues or concerns that may come up.
I. Select CPU Model
Xeon Gold 6150 | DDR4 | SSD
Ryzen 9 7950X | DDR5 | NVMe
II. Pick VDS Location
III. Configure VDS
7GB ECC RAM // 400GB RAID-10 SSD Storage
[1C/2T] Xeon Scalable
400GB RAID-10 SSD Storage
20TB Bandwidth @ 2.5Gbps
1 IPv4 & 1 IPv6 /64
1 Backup Slot
INCREDIBLE PERFORMANCEPAIRED WITH UNBEATABLE PRICESCrunchbits' fast VDSes are perfect for when you have workloads that require 100% CPU all day, every day without CPU steal or "noisy neighbor" issues.Our virtual dedicated servers offer reliable high-performance compute solutions. Equipped with RAID10 local SSD or NVMe storage, your data will be resilient, fast, and secure. These plans are affordably priced, making them a cost-effective choice for those needing a lot of general compute resources and good dedicated capabilities.Whether you're running a very busy CMS, a heavy database, a production environment, or need extreme CPU clock speed our VDS plans are the ideal fit to guarantee the resources you need to grow.
How much do automatic backups cost?
Free. Every VPS/VDS plan has the ability for 1 free automatic backup. The big storage plans can only backup their OS portion, and not the large HDD portion.
What makes your network special?
We've built our network from the ground up utilizing enterprise-grade Juniper gear paired with terabit-scale routing capabilites with full tables. Multi-homed network with redundant carriers.
Do you offer DDoS protection?
Yes. Every dedicated server (Dedicated, GPU, VDS) comes equipped with free, seamless DDoS protection. Our solution effectively scrubs out harmful traffic, allowing legitimate traffic to pass directly through your server.
How are your prices so low?
Our low prices are attributed to fully owning our hardware, strategically locating our data centers in secondary markets, and efficiency from the top down. These factors allow us to minimize costs and provide affordable services without compromising quality or reliability.
Are you pro free speech?
We are strong advocates of the First Amendment and free speech at Crunchbits. Our content policy aligns with the US Constitution and the law, without imposing any additional restrictions. We will not moderate legal content. Additionally, the state of Washington has net neutrality enshrined in law. Choose Spokane, WA as your location for an extra layer of protection. We will always respect your right to freely express ideas and opinions.
Do you accept Cryptocurrency?
Yes, we happily accept Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash as forms of payment.
How is bandwidth utilization calculated?
We calculate based upon inbound and outbound usage. If you go over, you will be limited to 5Mbps until your quota resets or you contact support.
Do you support IPv6?
Yes, we offer a routed IPv6 /64 with all services.
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